Data Disclosure Protection

Prevent accidental data disclosure

Take control of your data to proactively prevent unintended data disclosure both internally and externally. The Ionic platform provides a consistent approach to data security, allowing you to replace security silos across the organization. The extensibility of the platform also enables you to integrate and extend your existing IT systems, such as DLPs, CASBs, and IAMs, to provide a common policy-based security backplane for all your data.


Your employees are sharing documents and data with customers, suppliers, partners, and each other using email, shared folders, and mobile devices. Help them ensure that their gain in productivity does not result in loss of business data. Ionic can ensure that only approved data can be shared outside the organization and also use real-time policy to make sure only approved people can access the data.

Export Your Customer Data With Confidence

Protect your work wherever it goes. Your business is creating and innovating every day using a mix of application data and documents, spreadsheets, and more. Take control of who can export data from your business applications; consistently enforce data policy on both structured and unstructured data while tracking data residency and data lineage across organizational boundaries and data life cycles.


Advanced visibility entails high-fidelity and high-confidence telemetry; it means that your policies are not only enforced but measurable by employee, by device, by network, by time, by application and ultimately, by data.


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