Put your documents to work without losing control

Your business is created every day in your documents. Your most sensitive and often regulated data — contracts, proposals, patent filings, pricing, customer data, and forecasts — is found in all forms of Microsoft® Office and Adobe® PDF documents. These documents travel throughout the organization and are viewed, changed, copied, and housed on multiple devices, in collaboration environments, and on shared or dedicated thumb drives. Since virtually anyone can be involved in the creation and consumption of these files, protecting them has to be intuitive and informative for both the user and the data security professional.


Secure Files

The Ionic Secure Files solution provides a high-assurance file security platform, where protection travels with the data, no matter where that data goes.

Client Solutions

Through its client solutions, Ionic delivers audit-ready visibility, control, and protection with a seamless and natural user experience, across most common file types and desktop and mobile platforms in your enterprise.

Ionic Files for Desktop

delivers an easy way to create and consume secure files, on both macOS™ and Windows™ operating systems.

Through its easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt user interface, the application allows end users to share and exchange information stored in any file format with peers and external collaborators of choice. Meanwhile in the admin console, corporate IT maintains full control and visibility over the enterprise’s most valuable data assets.

Ionic Files for Mobile

extends the same level of security that desktop users are accustomed to, and keeps data secure even when accessed from Mobile devices.

Ionic Files for iOS and Android clients brings visibility over what your mobile workforce does with data on the go, and brings the ability to connect to content libraries such as Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Ionic’s persistent data protection allows authorized users to view, consume, and create secure Office and PDF documents on mobile devices.

Ionic Files for Office

provides a natural way for authorized users to create and consume protected documents directly within the Microsoft® Office Suite.

Documents are protected from creation through consumption. Any and all document modification (parent/child relationships) through copy, edits, and “save as” are tracked and managed.

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