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for Kudelski Group Camera Security
Enable policy driven data protection for smart video cameras and IoT endpoints

Surveillance video, IP camera, and IoT data streams are rarely well-protected, though they often contain very sensitive streams of information. Kudelski and Ionic have joined forces to offer a consistent security approach that scales massively to provide data disclosure protection to these at-risk data sources.

Persistent Protection and Continuous Control

Enable new and legacy video content devices to protect the content no matter where it flows.  Support industry streaming and content-level protection standards. Leverage attribute-based access control with device-level authentication to assure that only approved systems and users can access the data.

Scale your IoT security

Re-secure already deployed security cameras to limit cyberattacks on your existing footprint while preserving your investment in cameras.

  • With no network perimeter proxy choke holds, your web traffic flows unimpeded
  • Enable physical security teams to choose the best camera solution desired and add best-in-class cyber-security atop it
  • Endpoint encryption and decryption distributes computational effort across all endpoints, scaling as your network of connected devices increases

Share data with confidence

Permit appropriate use with real-time policy checks that assess the context of user, device, environmental variables, location, external attributes, and much more.

  • Gain insight into behavior with rich visibility into usage patterns
  • Easily address changing regulations, privacy rules, and security policies by leveraging policies that also can apply to other structured and unstructured data
Ionic Data Protection for Kudelski Group Camera Security
Policy driven data protection for smart video cameras & IoT endpoints - Diagram

Take control of your video-based data

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