Our partners use Ionic to give their customers a frictionless way to secure their data.  Ionic’s SIs, consultants, and technology partners bring deep experience with technical and business requirements in data security through years of successful data security project implementations.



Sagence is a premier advisory services firm specializing in data management and analytics.  Sagence works with clients to extract value from their data assets by implementing innovative techniques that complement traditional data management methodologies.  Together Sagence and Ionic provide a data-centric security framework that enables enterprises to share data in a secure and controlled manner.

Skyhigh delivers a control point for cloud services, enabling enterprises to gain visibility into cloud usage and risks, meet compliance requirements, enforce data security policies, and protect against threats.  Together, Ionic Security and Skyhigh Networks will deliver a solution that enables enterprises to protect their data and trust in its privacy, wherever it may go.

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TITUS enables organizations to classify, protect, and confidently share information.  Classification is foundational for data security, as it helps both technology and people make decisions on how to handle data appropriately.  TITUS integrates with Ionic to combine data classification with Ionic protection of Outlook email.  Flexible policy rules define access to sensitive data in email based on attributes using TITUS Classification.

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Technology Partners

Ionic’s first of its kind data ad protection and control platform delivers as a service the ability to enforce access control and appropriate use of sensitive information.  By integrating with the Ionic platform, our technology partners give their customers seamless data protection, control, and visibility.  Ionic partners build security into their applications without tying up development time.

SIs and Consultants

Security has become a core concern of the executive suite, with data protection, privacy, and information management at the heart of today’s business strategies.  Ionic partners with leading strategic advisory and consulting groups to help enterprises define and implement a next-generation security model that enables controlled access to critical data across applications, networks, and repositories.

App Partners

Developers can leverage the Ionic SDK with their language of choice to add dynamic security services to any data, application or device.

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Ionic is evaluating partnerships with thought-leading organizations who understand that integrating dynamic data protection enables businesses.  Please fill out the form below, and our partnerships team will contact you.

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