Secure Streams of Video and IoT Data

The use of surveillance video cameras and IoT devices has become commonplace in corporate and everyday environments. Additionally, a wide range of solutions exist to stream video from individual phones and laptops to higher end specialized video conferencing equipment. Sensitive information is recorded or discussed in all of these use cases, but these video assets are rarely well-protected.

Most companies provide video and IoT security with basic protection methods like user-oriented authentication. Think of the common scenario of logging into a console or specific meeting with just an email and password. Corporate standards like this hope to limit security issues, but are easily breached or hacked.

A more complete data disclosure protection solution would involve using the Ionic SDK to add policy driven data access and data protection using Ionic encryption keys to the Kudelski Nagra SSP solution for secure video streaming.

This is easily done by enrolling the video content devices so that they can create or request a single-use key through the Ionic Key Management Services, which protects the content no matter where it flows. Device-level authentication to the unique fingerprint assures that only approved systems can access business data, while restricting access from lost or stolen systems.

This integration ensures that web traffic continues unimpeded so you can scale your security to meet the needs of your always-on video and IoT feeds; there are no network perimeter proxies to choke the flow of data and no network reconfigurations are needed. Because encryption and decryption take place at the data level on the endpoints, the computational effort is distributed across them all, supporting a massive scale without slowing down application rendering.

Confidently share large amounts of data without losing control of it, with Ionic’s contextual policies you can confidently share large amounts of data without losing control of it. Ionic based policies can assess appropriate use based user, device, environmental variables, location, external attributes, and much more making it possible to provide appropriate access with real-time policy checks that occur no matter where the content is created, shared or stored. Gain insight into behavior with rich visibility into usage patterns.

The Ionic SDK integration enables any video content device managed by the Kudelski Nagra SSP solution to leverage all the features of the Ionic platform without changing the primary end-user experiences of application security solutions.

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