Ionic Developer London Workshop

London Workshop

The Ionic developer experience team is in London! We are bringing the Ionic SDK and our workshop to Code Node, a great venue in Barbican. If you have been interested in how to develop against the Ionic platform, or want to learn how to protect yourself with encryption, this event is for you.

Ionic Developer London 2016

Workshop Description

This two-hour hands-on workshop is designed to get developers up and running with the Ionic C++ SDK. Participants will spend a significant portion of the workshop with their hands on the keyboard, learning by doing. The workshop will be capped by a walk-through of an advanced project by an Ionic engineer.


This workshop is designed for developers who want to learn a fundamentally new approach to data security, pioneered by Ionic.


Getting started with Ionic. We will provide the Ionic SDK and Ionic Manager, then we’ll walkthrough configuring the SDK. Start coding with Ionic. Work through code samples for encrypting strings, files and more. Now that you understand the basics, lets run through an advanced project.


This workshop assumes working knowledge and experience with C++. For Windows users, Visual Studio must be installed including the C++ Language Pack (our preference is VS 2015 Professional or VS 2015 Community). For OS X users, Xcode must be installed (please make sure Xcode is up to date). If you have any questions or trouble with the prerequisites, please email us at [email protected] or tweet at @ionicdevelopers.

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