Ionic Takes HackGT

Ionic sponsored HackGT 2016 last weekend and it was a huge success. 

From Kevin singing karaoke to trivia/go fish games for the hackers to win swag, all of the participants and organizers of HackGT loved having Ionic there. Everyone respects that Ionic has supported HackGT from the beginning, and we are the only sponsor that has been there every year.

Ionic Prize – Best Use Of Encryption

Gene Chorba pictured center with team PanID.

Our prize went to PanID.        

PanID is an enterprise-facing solution that uses encryption to provide a layer of privacy for sensitive data sent between an employer and their employees. By utilizing public key encryption, the information is never sent or stored in cleartext through PanID’s servers. All private information is handled solely on the end users’ machines. This ensures that, even if PanID’s servers are compromised, absolutely no information is leaked.  

We were super impressed by their use of encryption and the tech stack that they used. Check out the project here:                                 

Looking forward to seeing what this team will do in the future!                                                    

The Overall Top 3

Deep Watch

Through this app you can tap a “Deep Watch” buton while watching a video and it will extract all the information about that frame, including the names of any famous people, actors, statesmen, etc., which are displayed along with a very short description about them and a link to know more. It also interprets the conversation occuring during that time of the video, and enlightens you on everything that you might want to look-up.


With this app, you can point your camera at a food menu with anchors that the app will pick up and then display an augmented reality, 3D model of the dish. This was impressive in that they fully 3D modeled all of the food from one of the most popular Georgia Tech eateries. The app also allows you to order the desired food that you view.


Using two motion controllers – XBox Kinect and a Leap Motion sensor – this hack added a layer of interaction to music via hand gestures and 3D positioning. Features included volume control, frequency and playback rate resampling, and squares representing different samples that you choose from. By using simple gestures they turned people with no talent (me) into decent DJs.

Check out the recap courtesy of Kayah Oluronbi:

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