Consistent security across all applications

Say goodbye to managing individual application security models for off-the-shelf or custom applications and custom coding of security logic over and over again. The Ionic Platform provides the ability to define consistent security policies once that can used across all your applications. And because the Ionic Platform includes an extensible approach to attribute based policy with policy simulations and full audit control enterprises can understand how their policies are being applied to data access and protection in real time and make changes as are required for their business.


Data Protection as a Service

The Ionic Platform provides a Data Protection as a Service solution that supports fine-grained control and protection of different data objects, for both structured and unstructured content.


Context-Based Entitlements

Unlike traditional data entitlements offerings, Ionic’s ability to apply either role-based or attribute-based access controls is dynamic and highly flexible. Real-time policies are applied to data using the context-sensitive combination of users, groups, time, and operational and environmental variables.

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